Complete Security System

ITL Security Solution (M) Sdn Bhd is an integrated solution provider that has been providing superior and technologically advanced total security systems for industrial, residential, and commercial sectors. Our integrated security systems consist of both low- and high-end security products that are cost-effective, reliable, and will guarantee to be worth the investment.

Wireless Home Security System

Our research and development team uses technological advancement to our benefit, creating wireless home security systems that are high-tech and quality-oriented. This range of integrated security systems offers clients convenience as it enables them to monitor and access their security system from their gadgets.

Integrated Solutions Provider

As a holistic integrated solutions provider that takes pride in offering highly superior and technologically engineered complete security system, we remain steadfast in providing a total security system of integrated solutions through a range of products such as CCTV systems, alarm systems, auto gate systems, video phone intercoms, door access & time attendance devices, smart home systems, carpark management systems and networking solutions. We also provide on-site quotation, supply, install and deliver advanced integrated security system solutions that is unique to each client on top of being economical and all-inclusive.

All-in-One Integrated Security Systems

A comprehensive security system helps deter burglars from forcing entry into your properties, on top of safeguarding your assets at all times. It goes without saying that a total security system is indeed a wise investment as aside from enhancing security measures, it will also inherently increase your property value. Considering the fact that integrated security systems are a noteworthy investment, it is equally important for you to choose the right security system, such as a wireless home security system, that fits your properties as well as your security needs.

Integrated Security Systems Solutions Provider

Our Services


CCTV System

Our company offers different types of CCTV that can cater to your needs. By choosing the right solution for your residential or business premises, you can guarantee to have a complete security system that will provide you peace of mind.

smart home alarm

Alarm System

With our professional and smart alarm system, you can easily monitor and manage your security system from anywhere and at any time through your mobile phone. Acquire the best smart alarm system to safeguard your property by reaching out to our team of experts today.

Video Intercom System

Technology has enabled you to take charge of your security by allowing you to see who’s at your front gate without walking out the door. As our video intercom system was designed to redefine convenience, do browse through our website and be blown away with our products.

Time Attendance Access Control System

Time Attendance Access Control System

By implementing our versatile and efficient time attendance access control system, you will have the power to control the access of every entrance in your building, allowing you to keep track of your employees’ in and out times.
 Smart Home System

Smart Home System

Through the advancement of modern technologies, our wireless smart home system allows homeowners to remotely control multiple appliances from a smart device. With control of every technological device at your fingertips, you are one step closer towards complete home management.

UPS System

UPS System

Power outages are no longer an issue when you decide to get our UPS system. When the regular power source fails, our system provides backup power for a specific period of time depending on the size and design of the UPS system.

Hotel Wi-Fi Solution

Hotel Wi-Fi Solution

Our experienced professionals can help you set up Wi-Fi with WPA2 encryption to make sure your guests’ wireless traffic generation is protected and secured. We also offer VLAN implementation by separating your guests’ network from your business network to prohibit unwanted browsing intrusion from hackers and stop malicious malware propagation.


HotSpot & Cloud Management Solution

Our hotspot and cloud management solution guarantees stable internet access with seamless cloud computing resources management and monitoring by utilising the latest technology in the industry. Whether you are looking for Wi-Fi monetization, cloud management or hotspot access, our solution will leave you feeling worried-free whenever you are on the go.

Our Solutions


Smart Retail Solution

Looking to cut operation costs of your retail store? Then our real-time analytics, generated from vendor management automation, will give you just that. In turn, you will gain actionable insights to take your business to greater heights. Additionally, our instant notifications from the intelligent surveillance and monitoring systems will alert staff to take preventative measures immediately too.

Smart Building Solution

Optimise your building’s efficiency with our smart energy saving technology to lower your maintenance costs while improving your operations performance. Based on the IoT framework, our smart building solution is suitable for commercial buildings such as banks, data centres, shopping malls, manufacturing plants, hotels as well as residential homes to reduce energy consumption.

Smart Warehouse & Logistic Solution

Own a warehouse or logistics business? Then you should equip your warehouse with our smart warehouse and logistic solution. Our advanced solution is a seamless integration of various components such as cameras, AGVs and AFVs to provide you with an efficient and timely security solution that safeguards your business and employees.

Smart PV Solar Farm Solution

As solar power is increasing in popularity and demand, it is important to safeguard your solar farm from misfortunes. Our smart PV farm solution was engineered to provide you with a security system that was tailor made specifically for solar farms, while providing you with real-time monitoring from the palm of your hands.

The Pioneer of Smart Security System

Rest assured that our professional team of experts will assist you in choosing the best total security system for your property.

Our Clients

We have served a number of clients in different industries by providing integrated security systems for their buildings. As an integrated security solution provider, our clients have acquired more than the standard security and safety system that are reliable in safeguarding their properties.


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