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A phone intercom system allows customers to answer calls from guests at your front door or gate. When visitors press the button on the door station, a call is placed to a connected phone. If you’re looking for intercom phone system installation services, you’ve come to the right place.

Intercom Phone Systems

At ITL Security Solution, we provide a variety of intercom system installation services. Small office or residential phone systems are utilized for more than just making outbound calls. Phone systems are also used to converse from room to room or with someone who may be at an entrance. For example, an intercom system could alert residents to visitors in the lobby or at the main entrance in significant multi-tenant buildings. We will collaborate with you to create a phone system that provides exceptional connectivity and usability. Optional features include numerous lines and extensions, caller ID, voicemail, Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), wired or wireless phones, and more.

intercom system installation

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intercom phone system installation

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Connect your phones to an ITL Security Solution security system for improved communication. With an intercom system, you may communicate with everyone in your business regardless of where you are. In addition to offering quick communication across your office, intercom systems can boost your security. Our systems have an optional door release capability, allowing you complete control over who enters your establishment. Contact us for intercom system installation or if you need more information about intercom phone system installation.