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Whether you are looking for commercial building systems, warehouse security systems, factory security systems or residential security systems, hiring the right company to have your security needs attended to is crucial. That is why ITL Security Solution (M) Sdn Bhd not only offers top quality products with ace services, but we also make it a point to ensure all our technicians meet all legal requirement and professional standards to provide our clients with a sense of confidence. As the trusted security system installer in Malaysia, we also invest a chunk of our resources to continuously develop our products in our quest to provide only the best service for our clients.

Why Choose Us

Design & Building Accordingly

Need to strengthen or improve the security in your residential or commercial property? ITL Security offers security system solutions that can be tailor- made according to our clients’ desires and needs without hurting their pockets.

One Stop Solution

Our products are designed and engineered to provide clients with end-to-end security solutions that will strengthen the security measures of clients’ properties as well as giving them a sense of confidence that their well-being and assets are guarded.

Good Follow Up After Sales

When you purchase an ITL Security Solution product, you are also investing in quality and standardized after sales services. We make a point to ensure that our products are operating at its optimum level by offering maintenance on a regular-basis.

Inhouse Technical Department

Our trained technicians are also skilled at offering troubleshooting and help resolve any technical difficulties that our clients may encounter. Rest assured that when you purchase our product, you are also buying our technical expertise.

Your Complete Security Team

A complete security system can help safeguard your property from a variety of threats. To foster a secure environment, there are plenty of security devices that can be installed within a building. With extensive experience in the security industry, rest assured that our products will provide comprehensive solutions to protect your commercial building, warehouse, and factory. Our professional team of experts will assist you in choosing the right security solutions that can provide you peace of mind knowing that your property is safe from any danger. Whether you need protection for any type of buildings, our professional team of experts will lead your way through it.

itl security

Prevent, Protect and Secure. An innovative smart security solution that ensures protection.

ITL Security

Safe and Secure System

When talking about security, a lot of companies are devoting their best in choosing the best integrated security solution. A robust and advanced security measures are indeed crucial to do more than just safeguarding the whole property. As the pioneer in the security industry, our team of experts will listen and then create the perfect security systems that will fit your needs. Whatever you require, you can be sure to find it in our selection of products regardless of the installation site, weather conditions of your properties. We can guarantee that our clients will be able to achieve maximum benefit from our integrated security systems.

Certified by CIDB

CIDB Certified

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