HotSpot & Cloud Management Solution

Guest Wi-Fi Management Solution

Our high-performing guest wifi solution was developed to manage your local guest Wi-Fi hotspot network with ease. The guest wifi management solution was also designed to help you control and bill your customers for internet access, entice them with captivating wifi advertising as well as collect get surveys and data. Additionally, our guests Wi-Fi management solution will allow you to build a small- to a medium-sized local Wi-Fi network with any access point, offer free internet access or bill customers for access, as well as configure your branding on the wifi advertising feature. With us, your guest hotspot network will be more organised.

 Manage & Monitor

  • Cloud monitoring/management
  • Online web dashboard
  • Fault/threshold alert, scheduled reports
  • Online firmware patching/updates
  • Remote config management

Wi-Fi Monetization

HotSpot Gateway

  • Captive portal
  • Premium Wi-Fi
  • User engagement
  • User access control
  • Wi-Fi marketing
  • OpenAPI Integration | PMS/CRM

Wi-Fi Advertising

  • Push Ads Via Wi-Fi
  • Login page Ads
  • Location-based Ads
  • In-session Ads Injection
  • Ads analytics reporting
  • Sell Wi-Fi Ads space to 3rd parties


Cloud Managed Gateway

  • Router & Multi WAN Link Balancer
  • Multi-protocol VPN
  • Bandwidth Control (QoS)
  • Stateful firewall
  • High availability
  • Dynamic routing


HotSpot Access

  • M2M & SD-WAN Appliance
  • Dual LTE/4G/5G
  • Dual Band AC Wi-Fi


Guest Internet HotSpot Gateway

Did you know that implementing an internet hotspot gateway acts as an extra layer of security to control who has access to your internet network? Not just that, as our technologically engineered guest internet hotspot gateway will enable you to bill your hotel guests for internet through a secured connection. To top it all off, our guest wifi system adds another layer of security to prevent data breach, while ensuring that hotel guests have a safe internet connection to do their work or for leisure purposes.

guest internet hotspot gateway

Hotspot Gateway



Don’t take your Wi-Fi Management lightly. We at ITL Security Solution will provide you with excellent Hotspot & Cloud Management Solutions.

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