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Now that you have your security systems installed, you must be wondering what happens in the case of power outage? Our UPS service helps install an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to load when the input power source or the main power fail. Our UPS will provide immediate protection from input power interruptions by providing power that is stored in batteries or supercapacitors. The power storage capacity, voltage capacity and run-time are all created to provide continuous power supply to your security systems when emergency occurs.

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Other than functioning as the primary role to provide short-term power when the input power source is interrupted, our UPS uninterrupted power supply Malaysia are also equipped to correct common utility power problems such as, voltage spoke or sustained overvoltage; sustained reduction in input voltage; voltage sag; high frequency transient or oscillation; instability of the main frequency; and harmonic distortion. Depending on your security system solutions, our UPS models will be designed to provide ample power and support to help ensure that your security systems remain operable throughout a power outage or power interruptions.

uninterruptible power supply service

Uninterruptible Power Supply for Business & Industrial

Your business will experience major losses in the event of a power outage as it hinders your operations. That is why our UPS system was engineered to offer an uninterruptible power supply for business to guarantee industrial UPS. With our system, you will never stress over power outages ever again.

uninterruptible power supply service

AVS Series

uninterruptible power supply service

Line Interactive

uninterruptible power supply service

On-Line UPS

uninterruptible power supply service

Modular On-Line

uninterruptible power supply service

Industrial On-Line


Meet your needs for uninterruptible power supply Malaysia services regardless or business or industry. Top quality service is assured by us as ITL Security Solution.

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